Change your Reality, Live your Dreams
24 maart 2018 
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Change your Reality, Live your Dreams

Change your Reality, Live your Dreams | Auteur Edwin Linders

‘n it all seems so simple when you read it
but we all know about Life, and how we can’t cheat it
Try to beat it, only to find it ain’t a race
There is no competition, there is no time to waste
there’s only time to grow and learn from our process
we might feel it’s a mess, but it’s our progress
deal with stress, that’s our mind playin’ tricks
our anger and fear in our thoughts we need to fix
not erase, ‘cause they’re merely the effect
of what’s goin’ on deep down and way back
we need to check ourselves and I mean properly
just like you’d guard your premises and property
you’ve worked hard on acquiring your ‘stuff’
but it doesn’t make you satisfied ‘n feel it’s enough
Life can feel tuff, when you keep livin’ that way.
You might dream once in a while, but you’re livin’ astray
you’re just givin’ away the best days in your NOW
while you’re lookin’ for teachers, wishin’ to show you how
But it’s YOU with the answers ‘n all the solutions
YOU can bring clarity from all your confusion
do some is step One: Get out your head!

don’t worry what’ll happen, get to steppin’ instead
step Two: stay true to what you really wanna do
there’s people ‘n opinions, but really tell me: who
are they to even lay one thought in your mind?
do they help you build your dreams or just keep you behind?
it’s about time to shine and some just can’t handle
they rather see you go out with doubt or blow out your candle
but it’s your sandles, they don’t walk in your shoes
‘n you’ve got fire in your heart, so you know what to do
follow your burnin’ desire, stop lookin’ around
stop questionin’ and doubtin’; YOU ARE SUCCESS bound
stop lookin’ up to your idols in awe and admiration
but see them for what they are: not your frustration
they’re your livin’ examples ‘n predecessers
Not bigger than you and you are so not lesser
You are a manifester, just like them
‘n the thing is: you don’t have to be “just like them”
I mean it’s cool to see how others do it, but that ain’t you
You got your own path ‘n goals ‘n things to do
on your own terms with your own skills ‘n timin’
Like me at age 43 writin’ ‘n rhymin’
just like I did as a kid…
but now with messages ‘n yeah I guess it just
was all a must to be doin’ to get where I’m at
On my way to my destiny: to get the best in me
out in public, expressin’ ‘n sharin’
Worldwide, that’s how big my blessin’ ‘n carin’
gotta live there ‘n there ‘n all over the place
Life Traveler, livin’ on faith ‘n I face

obstacles and challenges, that come from what I’ve learned
like we’ve all been taught to “be cautious or get burned”
we’ve been told to “Think! Before you do
‘cause there’s consequences ‘n don’t trust your senses.”
But that’s senseless… it sure ain’t you
It’s other people’s fears ‘n doubts
‘n you can do without all those clouds hangin’ over yo’ head
need to get back to bein’ open minded instead
not ‘cause I said it, but just let it sink in
deep down into your soul without overthinkin’
take control of who you are
don’t let yourself be driven, yóu are the car
you ain’t behind the wheel, you áre the wheels and the engine
Success is in your hands you don’t just “have a hand in…”
it’s this deep understandin’ that we need to feel
this strong faith and conviction that we feel is real
so that no one can steal away our truth ‘n reality
eventhough it’s not yet here to see
‘n to witness by those in doubt
when it comes to sayin’, it goes without
your reality comes from within
from faith and trust ‘n all these things given
We need to reconnect ‘n respect our self worth
go back to who we are since pre-birth
before people on earth started killin’ our dreams
‘n that leads to step 3: don’t accept what seems to be
trust your dreams ‘n your vision rather than the facts
‘cause that’s all temporary and it sure lacks
credibility ‘n value to your soul

have your mind body spirit aligned is the goal
never mind what is told ‘n let go of limitations
take back control over your own creations
Step 4 be sure to know the real you
‘n then express from the heart so everybody can feel you
that’s the only way to get your message out
‘n you can be imperfect, not ready ‘n in doubt
‘n in debt, it all don’t mean jack
show yourself ‘n the world how you conquer your thoughts of lack
‘n how you deal with uncertainty
we don’t have to be sure about everything, certainly
there will be things in our mind
just let the things at heart be the light to shine ‘n blind
away negativity, keep up your spirit
thru prayer and meditation you can cheer it
up, to the highest degree for you to be
all that’s in you, what the world needs to see
feel ‘n witness, to get ‘n get this:
You are the one with the dreams, now let this
be your wake up call, to go for it all
To not act on all that would be horrible
So don’t store it all, open up those warehouse doors
distribute all your value and go for yours
‘n of course I’m here to tell you: keep dreamin’
fight those inner demons ‘n feel alright to be screamin’
Step by step makin’ my life unfold
‘n thru my dreams the truth be told while I’m shown
my capabilities ‘n possibilities in this Life I own
So my dreams are my reality, they’re the truth
No need to be askin’ for tangible proof
All of my spirit feels what’s real ‘n what’s ‘mine’
“As seen in my dreams”… more than a sign

Edwin Linders


Edwin Linders (1974) brengt zijn boodschap graag over via tekst; in een gedicht, een grafisch ontwerp, een raptekst, een opiniestuk, reportage of een blogpost. En telkens komt zijn persoonlijke afkomst naar voren, omdat hij er zijn inspiratie uit haalt.

Met zijn eerste boek, ‘RESPECT!’, heeft hij een ode gebracht aan al datgene dat belangrijk en dierbaar voor hem is. De manier waarop hij zijn diepste gevoelens deelt zorgt ervoor dat hij je raakt en inspireert.

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Over de schrijver
Als bevlogen bedrijfskundige draag ik bij aan de professionalisering van mens en organisatie. Duurzame veranderingen effectueren met als managementstijl én wetenschappelijke theorie: 'Business Spiritualiteit': Het vinden van een balans tussen 'doen' [de zakelijke deskundigheid van de organisatie] en 'zijn' [het welzijn van de mensen]. Goed, zorgvuldig en gedisciplineerd zakendoen vanuit een diepe inspiratie. Als verbindende leidinggevende, die gemakkelijk schakelt en in kansen en oplossingen denkt, weet ik anderen te inspireren en gemotiveerd mee te nemen in veranderingsprocessen. Ik ben een bruggenbouwer, gericht op continuïteit en kwaliteit. In mijn rol als coach/mentor help ik de coachee met hun zakelijke, persoonlijke of spirituele ontwikkeling. Na mijn opleiding bedrijfskunde (MScBA) aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam heb ik onderzoek gedaan en geluisterd naar de verhalen van de Indische Nederlanders die na WOII zijn gerepatrieerd van Nederlands-Indië naar Nederland. In het kader van mijn PhD heb ik een wetenschappelijk 'Innerview-Model' ontwikkeld om naar gemarginaliseerde doelgroepen te luisteren, zodat er meer inzicht, begrip en verbinding kan ontstaan. Auteur van 'MH17: Rouwen, Hoe Dan?!' en co-auteur van 'Lefwijf'.
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